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Bryana "Baby Girl" Thomkins
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Some attributes
First Family: Stacy Thomkins (mother),
Bryan (Father),
Jordan Thomkins (older half-brother),
Vanessa Thomkins (older half-sister)
Bernie Mac (maternal uncle),
Wanda McCullough (aunt), Benita McCullough (maternal Aunt),
Monroe (uncle),
Carl McCullough (Uncle), Big Mama (grandmother),
Second Portrayed By: Dee Dee Davis
Third Unknown
Other attributes

Bryana Thompkins/Baby Girl


Bryana is Bernie's spoiled princess and Jordan and Vanessa's younger half-sister. Bryana is an kind-hearted girl. In "Goodbye Dolly" she spoils her self and winds up destroying the family getting her behind spanked in the process and in "5 stages of Bryana" she acts like a 2-year-old and bullies her classmates. In "My Privacy" she moves out of Jordan's room due to Jordan showing to many pirvacy to her and moves in with Vanessa and later having her own room installed in the house (with her own bed instead of a sofa) During Jordan's 10th birthday party, she was jealous that Jordan was having a birthday party, so she ruined his party.


In Season 1 Bryana was nice. She was so pure of heart that she was able to see and communicate with Buddy the angel dog. But in later seasons starting with mid season 2 she began to become more bratty one time she became so spoiled she earned a smack on the butt by Bernie Mac himself (although he knew it had to be done he regretted doing it). In one episode Bryana wants to do the right thing and not sin going far as too rip up Vanessa's book report when she was working on the Sabbath (Saturday) and threw a tantrum when she fell into the rights of Temptation. Bernie loves Bryana claiming her to be his favorite. Because Jordan is usually weak every time they get into fights she always win. She rarely gets into fights with Vanessa and has only gotten into them 2 or 3 times in the series the most notable one was Whom The Belt Tolls. Out of all the siblings Bryana is usually close to Jordan. Although on occasions she has sided with Vanessa over both Bernie or Jordan.


Benard McCullough (Bernie Mac): Bryana trust her Uncle Bernie and sometimes takes advantage of him but no matter what she is still Bernie Mac's Baby Girl. (Sometimes she gets jelous when Bernie calls another relative Baby Girl, she also fears that if Bernie and Wanda has a baby then Bryana won't be Uncle Bernie's favorite baby Girl).

Vanessa Thomkins (Nessa)': Bryana does not bother Vanessa much but they do get into fights sometimes.

Jordan Thompkins: Bryana always finds time to mess with Jordan or take his stuff making Jordan pay the price and Bryana getting off the hook.

Wanda McCullough (Wanda Mac): She loves her Aunt Wanda very much but sometimes takes advantage of her .

Bryan: Bryana's father and Jordan & Vanessa's stepfather number 6. Bryan loves her daughter and normally spoils her even though this ruins her chances in doing what she is supposed to do It is also revealed that she takes after Bryan (Bryan-Bryana)

Stacy Thomkins: Bryana does not remember what she looks like and has not seen her in years

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